Cancellation Policy

(NOTE: The content below is included in your rental contract in items 4 and 26. We replicate it here to make sure the terms are clear to our guests.)

Reservations may be cancelled within 24 hours of confirmation and payment of the booking, less the 2.9% + 0.30 credit card processing and transaction fee for refunds. After 24 hours of booking, if an event is cancelled, or the Renter does not show up for the reservation, the damage deposit will be refunded; however, the rental fees will not be refunded, and reservations are final and non-transferable.

Act of God. In the event of fire, catastrophe, or disaster that prevents a scheduled event from occurring, that scheduled event shall be cancelled. The Meeting Point shall refund Renters deposit and any fees paid within ten (10) days of said cancellation, less the credit card processing and transaction fee. The Meeting Point does not offer refunds due to inclement weather, illness, viral or bacterial outbreak, or pandemic, such as COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the Renter to manage guests on any health protocols related to guidelines. Guests and Renters concerned with potential exposure are recommended to refrain from in-person attendance. The Meeting Point recommends optional event insurance at the discretion of the Renter for liability, injury, damage or cancellations outside of the control of the Renter. In the event severe inclement weather disrupts an event, or the government mandates a shut-down for any reason, such event may be rescheduled for the same duration one time within twelve (12) months of the original reservation date.


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