Rental Contract Terms and Agreement

The Meeting Point, LLC Rental Agreement and Contract

Below are the legally-binding rental terms for The Meeting Point, LLC, a Minnesota Limited Liability Company, hereby referred to as “The Meeting Point”. You, hereby referred to as the “Renter”, are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions as set forth by The Meeting Point by accepting them when reserving the space online. The Renter acknowledges having received a copy thereof, and the Renter will be held financially responsible for any damage, theft or loss to the facility or equipment, which occurs during the time of the Renter’s event. The undersigned hereby agrees all information on the application is correct to his or her best knowledge.

  1. If any provision of this Agreement or the application thereof shall, for any reason and to any extent, be invalid or unenforceable, neither the remainder of this Agreement nor the application of the provision to other persons, entities or circumstances shall be affected thereby, but instead shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  2. Release of Liability and Indemnification. Renter hereby does indemnify, waives and holds harmless The Meeting Point from and against all claims of whatever nature from any accident, injury, illness or damage to persons or property arising from the use of the premises, or the roads or streets providing access hereto. This indemnity shall include all costs, claims, expenses, penalties, liens and liabilities, including attorney fees, and is no way limited by the amount of the damage and/or security deposit. Renter’s obligations with respect to the indemnities therefore shall survive the termination of this agreement.
  3. A Refundable Security and Damage Deposit Fee ($200). A Refundable Security and Damage Deposit fee of $200 is required at the time the date is reserved and the contract is signed. The Meeting Point reserves the right to increase the deposit depending on the scope and size of the event and the Renter is responsible for discussing the scope prior to reserving the space. The refundable security and damage deposit, or a portion thereof, will be returned to the Renter within 10 business days after the event and upon inspection of the premises and adherent to the policies listed in this contract immediately after completion of event. The Renter is fully responsible for any damage or loss to the premises or any objects contained therein, during time they have the space reserved and for not abiding by the rules and guidelines set forth in the agreement, including, but not limited to cleaning, closing time guidelines, guest conduct or violation of any other governing law, mandate, Executive Order or ordinance. This includes but is not limited to furniture stains (liquids that stain, food, gum, crafting materials, etc.), damage or scratches to cabinets, counters, walls, paint, doors, floor surfaces, electronics (e.g., televisions, speakers, tablet, remotes, microphone), and appliances, as well as, following the guidelines and rules of renting the facility. *Effective April 11, 2023, a $6.10 credit card processing and transaction fee will be assessed on the deposit only. This is the fee the credit card processor charges for refunds (2.9% + $0.30). Renters can avoid the credit card fee by arranging an alternative form of payment with The Meeting Point. 
  4. Reservations may be cancelled within 24 hours of confirmation and payment of the booking, less the 2.9% + 0.30 credit card processing and transaction fee for refunds. After 24 hours of booking, if an event is cancelled, or the Renter does not show up for the reservation, the damage deposit will be refunded; however, the rental fees will not be refunded, and reservations are final and non-transferable.
  5. Minimum Age. The Meeting Point requires Renters to be at least twenty-five-years old (25) at the time the space is reserved. The Meeting Point reserves the right to verify age and request an approved proof of identification. Children and minors must be supervised at all times and are the responsibility of the Renter.
  6. Time Slot. In consideration for upcoming guests, The Meeting Point requires all Renters and their guests to be prompt in their arrival and departure times that have been contracted. All time onsite is invoiced. The rental period must include all set up and clean up time needed for the reservation and all time onsite is invoiced. These hours apply to all vendors and caterers. If Renters exceed the pre-booked time period, The Meeting Point will charge $50 for every extra thirty (30) minutes past paid for and approved time slot. These additional fees will be deducted from the paid damage deposit. In the event the Renter has opted-in to cleanup service, then Renter may leave at the scheduled departure time in accordance with his/her reservation time. Events are prohibited past 10:00 pm per City Ordinance and building rules and will result in loss of the Damage Deposit in addition to any other local fees incurred. Loitering is strictly prohibited in the parking lot and/or the surrounding premises at any time and will result in loss of the deposit.
  7. Included Rental. Rental fee reserves the entire facility for the event. No part of the event can take place outside of The Meeting Point facility, including, but not limited to, the front area, the parking area and the space surrounding the building. The parking lot and premises must be vacated at the conclusion of the event and loitering around the facility, premises and parking lot is strictly prohibited. The renter is responsible for his/her guests and adherence to these rules. 
  8. Compliance with Laws. The Renter shall not use the space in any manner that would violate local, state or federal laws or regulations including the serving of alcohol. Under no circumstances shall alcohol be consumed or provided to anyone under the age of 21 or sold without a license. Renter is fully liable and responsible for the monitoring, display and consumption of alcohol in accordance to Display and Consumption laws. Bar services performed by fully licensed and insured vendors are available upon request and are strongly recommended. The Meeting Point is a SMOKE-FREE facility. Renter hereby indemnifies The Meeting Point, its employees, officers, directors, or other agents for any damages, penalties, fines, suits, actions, or other costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with Renter’s violation of any local, state or federal law, rule, regulation or ordinance related to Renter’s use of the space. The Meeting Point strongly recommends event insurance for the protection of the Renter. By declining event insurance, the Renter assumes full liability.
  9. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed in all respects by, the laws of the State of Minnesota, without regard to conflicts of law principles.
  10. Lost and Found. The Meeting Point is not responsible for the loss of any personal items, including gifts. The Renter is responsible for all items left behind by guests. Items left behind will be discarded following a reservation.
  11. Deliveries prior to event must be scheduled with The Meeting Point. Early deliveries are not guaranteed as the space may be occupied by an existing reservation. Factor in the time needed at the time of booking to account for vendors and caterers and deliveries.
  12. The Renter shall leave the premises in the same condition as when the Renter entered and treat the space with care and respect and must account for adequate cleaning and takedown time prior to the contracted checkout time. Cleaning fees (minimum of $150) will be deducted if the space is not left in the same cleaning standard upon arrival. The Meeting Point reserves sole discretion of adequate venue cleanliness. Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the premises beyond ordinary wear and tear. The Meeting Point shall be entitled to arrange for any necessary repairs at Renter’s expense, including such expenses that exceed the security and damage deposit. It is the responsibility of the Renter to identify questionable areas via phone, text, or email communication prior to the start of the event. No communication from the Renter automatically assumes the Renter accepts and acknowledges the property was received in good condition upon arrival. Any expenses that exceed the security and damage deposit will be charged to the card on file. Renter shall reimburse The Meeting Point for any such repairs within 30 days of receipt of The Meeting Point’s written request for reimbursement. Request shall be accompanied by written verification of the amount.
  13. Furniture and Equipment. Included in the rental fee are nine (9) rectangular six-foot tables, two (2) tall rectangular cocktail tables, 48 chairs, four (4) bar stools, two (2) bench bar stools, refrigerator, freezer, various small appliances, televisions and AV equipment, and garbage disposal for up to two 55-gallon bags that the staff will remove. Any garbage above and beyond this allotted quantity, including, but not limited to, boxes, containers, decorations, helium tanks, or other waste will be assessed a $25/bag fee, or the Renter may haul it away offsite to avoid this fee. Various couches, chairs and end tables are located throughout the facility and are also available for use. These may be moved but need to be returned to their original position at the end of the event before the departure time. Wall décor included in the rental may not be removed from the walls.
  14. Prep Kitchen. Prep Kitchen is available for the Renter or caterer’s use for food that has already been prepared offsite. The Renter must provide his or her own paper and disposable products, dishware and utensils. All food and supplies that were brought in for the event must be removed from the kitchen by the conclusion of the rental time period. Open flame food preparation and frying is prohibited within or around The Meeting Point’s premises. Caterers must remove and haul-away garbage and waste offsite at their respective facilities at the conclusion of the event as The Meeting Point does not charge caterer’s fees and allows the renter to hire a caterer of his/her choice. Garbage left behind by caterers will result in loss of the deposit. While The Meeting Point allows Renters to hire any caterer of their choice, The Meeting Point strongly recommends that the caterer is fully licensed and insured for the Renter’s protection. 
  15. Audio Visual Equipment. The Meeting Point has four TVs available with Apple TV, Chromecast (enabled on each TV or across all simultaneously), Cable with Cable Remote, a Sonos amp enabled sound system with iPad controller, and a Matrix remote to control sources across TVs for Renters to use during their rental period. Directions for operating the electronics can be found on the console table under the wall-mounted iPad tablet. HDMI wall-jack is provided to project content from laptop or compatible devices to the TVs. Apple TV or Chromecast may be cast to one or all TVs through your Apple or Chromecast-enabled device. Any lost remote controls will be assessed a $100 fee for each (TV remote, Apple TV remote, Cable remote, HDMI Input “Matrix” remote).
  16. Keys must be returned to the lock box at the end of the rental period. There will be a $75 lost key charge per key. Failure to lock both front entrance doors will result in loss of the deposit ($200). 
  17. Maximum Guest Capacity. The base rental fee allows for a maximum capacity of 70 guests. The Meeting Point can accommodate up to 120 seated guests, but it must be discussed in advance prior to reserving the space as it requires an additional rental fee. If Renter exceeds maximum capacity, Renter will take full responsibility and be liable for any fines or legal ramifications. The Meeting Point reserves the right to cancel an event immediately and Renter will forfeit all payments and fees if maximum capacity is breached.
  18. Clean Up. Clean up will be performed by Renter in accordance with The Meeting Point’s cleaning procedure provided to Renter and the space must be left in the same cleaning standard it was found upon arrival. This includes the outside sidewalk and parking lot area. Ice, food or any other materials may not be dumped outside. Instructions are available onsite and online for reference. If Renter prefers, a cleaning fee of $150 may be paid in advance, and The Meeting Point will take care of reasonable clean up. If the Renter hired a caterer for the reservation, the Caterer is responsible for removing and disposing of garbage to their facilities as The Meeting Point does not charge caterer’s fees. Cleaning fees (minimum of $150) will be deducted from the deposit if the space is not left in the same cleaning standard it was found upon arrival. Excessive cleaning that exceeds one hour of cleanup to restore the venue to its original standard will result in loss of the Deposit. 
  19. Garbage. Included in the rental is disposal for two (2) 55-gallon garbage bags that staff will dispose of following the rental. Anything exceeding this is defined as “Excessive Garbage” and will be assessed a $25/bag fee if left behind. Excessive Garbage is defined as anything above and beyond the two (2) 55-gallon bags, including, but not limited to, additional garbage bags, boxes, containers, catering trays and associated supplies, decorations, helium tanks, and any other items deemed as waste. The Renter is responsible for removing excessive garbage offsite to avoid this fee. Any garbage left outside will forfeit the deposit. Caterers must haul away all garbage as The Meeting Point does not charge caterer’s fees, and the Renter is responsible for abiding by the posted Garbage Rules to avoid losing the deposit.
  20. Bands and DJs. Due to the proximity of residential neighbors and fellow businesses, bands and/or DJs are prohibited at The Meeting Point. The Sonos system and Bluetooth audio are included in the rental for audio and music needs and are set to an acceptable decibel level. 
  21. Parking is available in front of the business in a shared parking lot among two other tenants, and a parking plan may be needed for events for busier days and times. Carpooling for larger parties is necessary in consideration of other tenants using the same lot and a coordinated parking plan is the responsibility of the Renter. The Rosemount Park and Ride Carpooling Lot located at 14550 Burnley Ave. S., Rosemount, MN 55068 must be used for larger events and the Renter must plan accordingly to communicate this option to guests in advance of the reservation. Vehicles may not park in front of the other businesses in consideration of their patrons. The lot must be cleared at the conclusion of the reservation time otherwise this will be considered loitering and the deposit will be forfeited. Guests will be asked to move vehicles that block the neighboring businesses. Loitering is strictly prohibited and no part of the event may take place outside of the facility at any time due to liability, property and zoning rules. The Meeting Point is not responsible for any vehicle not adhering to signed parking restrictions.
  22. Additional Decorations. The Meeting Point prohibits the use of silly string, bubbles, confetti, fog machines, candles, sparklers or glitter inside or outside at any time. We do not allow anything to be thrown inside or outside such as: rice, birdseed, confetti or glitter. No tacks, adhesives, sparklers, open flame, Command Strips, nails, staples, glue etc. on walls or ceiling. Anything that will damage the walls, paint, or holes of any kind is strictly prohibited. General decorative candles are not allowed; however, birthday or celebratory cake candles are permitted. Existing material, electronics or décor cannot be removed from the walls, windows, or floors. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or nailed into the walls. Violation of these rules will result in the loss of the deposit and is subject to additional repair fees. The space must be left as it was found upon arrival. The use of glitter, confetti or any other hard-to-clean materials will result in a $250 fee PLUS the loss of the Damage Deposit. If any these rules are not observed, it will result in loss of the damage deposit and subject to any other repair or cleaning fees.
  23. Safety and Security. The Meeting Point values your safety. Therefore, please understand that in order to promote the safety of Renters, their guests, their vendors, any visitors and any employees, as well as the security of its facilities, The Meeting Point may conduct video surveillance of any portion of its premises at any time. All activity inside and outside of the premises, including the parking lot, are recorded. The only exception being private areas such as restrooms. Cameras will be positioned in appropriate places within and around the building spaces and used in order to help promote the safety and security of people and property. By signing this agreement, you hereby give consent to such video surveillance at any time The Meeting Point may choose. Video is for The Meeting Point’s use only and will not be distributed, sold or used for advertising. Video, if necessary, will be provided to law enforcement authorities upon request.
  24. Guest Conduct. The Meeting Point has residential neighbors and adjacent businesses with their respective customers. All guests are the responsibility of the Renter and the Renter will be held accountable if behavior becomes unruly or disruptive. Minor children are allowed with direct adult supervision. No pets are allowed. The Meeting Point has the right to evict or cancel, during the Renter’s event, the Renter, their guests, their vendors, at any time without notice if complaints are received for noise or other disruptive behavior. In the event this happens, no moneys shall be refunded. Renter is jointly and individually liable for all rental agreement obligations, including but not limited to rental fees. If any Renter or respective guests violate the rental agreement, the respective Renter and associated guests are considered to have violated the rental agreement. The Meeting Point requests and notices to any one Renter constitute notice to all guests.
  25. Vendor Adherence to Contract. Vendors, such as caterers, who are hired by the Renter are also bound by the terms of this agreement. Responsibility for enforcement of the terms resides with the Renter. The Renter is responsible that all vendors understand the terms and conditions of the facility.
  26. Act of God. In the event of fire, catastrophe, or disaster that prevents a scheduled event from occurring, that scheduled event shall be cancelled. The Meeting Point shall refund Renters deposit and any fees paid within ten (10) days of said cancellation, less the credit card processing and transaction fee. The Meeting Point does not offer refunds due to inclement weather, illness, viral or bacterial outbreak, or pandemic, such as COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the Renter to manage guests on any health protocols related to guidelines. Guests and Renters concerned with potential exposure are recommended to refrain from in-person attendance. The Meeting Point recommends optional event insurance at the discretion of the Renter for liability, injury, damage or cancellations outside of the control of the Renter. In the event severe inclement weather disrupts an event, or the government mandates a shut-down for any reason, such event may be rescheduled for the same duration one time within twelve (12) months of the original reservation date.
  27. Right to Refuse Service: The Meeting Point reserves the right to refuse service to a Renter for any matters not covered by said rules and regulations in this Agreement and shall be at the discretion of The Meeting Point. The Meeting Point is available for rent for meetings, events and the like and reserves the right to refuse rental of this facility. In the event of a refusal, The Meeting Point shall refund the Renter, if applicable, the rental fee and deposit fee.
  28. Fees Noted. The following fees are noted in the agreement and are subject to change: 1) Failure to vacate the premises on time: $50 per every 30 minutes of overtime, 2) Staying past closing time and failure to vacate parking lot – loitering is prohibited: $200 (loss of Deposit), 3) Loss or damage of TV/Audiovisual Remotes: $100 per remote, 4) Loss of Building Key: $75 per key, 5) Glitter, confetti, open flame, sparklers and any hard-to-clean materials: $250, 6) Excessive Garbage as defined as more than two 55-gallon bags included in the rental: $25/bag (per Provision 19), the Renter may haul away Excessive Garbage to avoid this fee; failure to remove boxes, decorations, catering trays or other waste above the allotted quantity will be assessed this fee. Caterers, if hired, must remove all garbage off-site as The Meeting Point does not charge caterer’s fees. This allows The Meeting Point to maintain current rates, and it is the responsibility of the Renter to review these guidelines before booking by reviewing the Garbage Rules, 5) Any Damages throughout the premises will be appropriately assessed and invoiced as necessary, 6) Failure to follow cleaning instructions: $125, 7) Excessive cleaning that requires our staff more than one hour to restore the premises to original cleaning standard: $200 (loss of Deposit), 8) Failure to lock entrance doors: $200 (loss of deposit)

The Meeting Point reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this contract and agreement as needed. It is the Renter’s responsibility to stay informed and abide by the terms and conditions of this contract. 


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