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(Please note: Everything included here is also in your rental contract and other supplementary documents. It is your responsibility to thoroughly review and abide by them. Thank you.)

If you have any other questions, please call or email.


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COVID Policies

How are we responding to COVID?

We disinfect tables and surfaces after events. The kitchen and bathroom are also cleaned and disinfected.  Hand sanitizer is provided for your use.

What do you require for entry?

    We do not require proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, or enforce wearing masks. We encourage you to do what you think is best for you and your guests.

    Do you refund for COVID cancellations?

      Unfortunately, no. But your guests can have the option to join remotely to avoid canceling the event.

      As outlined in the rental agreement, no refunds will be issued for reservation fees and bookings are final. If you cancel, we refund your Damage and Security deposit and any fees paid for add-on services.

      In the event of a government lockdown, we offer you the option to reschedule your event and apply the reservation credit for up to one year from the originally scheduled date.

      The reservation credit option helps us stay open as a small business while providing additional flexibility.

      Thank you for understanding.

      Can guests join remotely?

      Yes! We encourage anyone who isn’t up to attending in-person to do so. We provide technology that can accommodate Zoom, Skype, and other connections. Ask your host to provide you with a link to join.

      Rentals & Responsibilities

      How do I book an event?

      Please book here to find available reservations. Once you’ve selected your preferred date and time, you’ll be asked for additional information and be presented with the rental contract to sign. Please review the contract carefully.

      Payment is due at booking to confirm your reservation and secure your date and time. We cannot hold unpaid dates.

      Please make sure your booking includes time for setup and clean-up, including the time needed for caterers to set up. We invoice for the time the space is being occupied. We are not able to let you enter the building before your contracted reservation time begins. If you want to add more time if it is available, please let us know, and the extra time will be invoiced appropriately. We also expect you and your guests will depart the building at the agreed-upon time.

      After submitting payment, you’ll receive an email notification with your reservation details and any other relevant information, such as the cleanup checklist, parking information, and general guidelines. You are responsible for reading through and understanding our policies. We are always happy to help answer any questions. 

      What types of events do you host?

      The Meeting Point is a versatile, flexible space to host professional or social events.  It’s the perfect size for civic organizations, non-profits, and sales meetings.

      On the social side – this is your chance to have a party with friends and family without having to rearrange your home.

      These are a few of the types of events suited for our space:

      • Birthdays/Anniversaries
      • Bridal/Baby Showers
      • Project Team Meetings
      • Training/Certification Meetings
      • Retirement Parties
      • Fundraisers
      • Pop-up Shops
      • Board Meetings
      • Graduations/Reunions
      • Craft Sales or Classes
      • Photoshoots
      • Workout Classes
      • Weddings and Ceremonies

      Please watch the Virtual Tour and review the Floor Plan as in-person tours are not guaranteed and are available by appointment only as we are a self-service meeting/event place.

      How much does it cost?

      We charge different rates depending on the day, duration of rental, and guest count. Please check our pricing page for the most current info.

      Is there a deposit?

      There is a basic $200 refundable Damage and Security deposit which will be returned once you pass the site inspection and no additional fees were incurred (such as overtime, damage, or cleaning fees). A non-refundable credit card processing fee is added to the deposit. 

      We do reserve the right to vary the amount of the deposit depending on the size and scope of the event. Deposits must be paid when booking the event.

      Are there any additional fees?

      These fees are noted in your rental contract:

      • Failure to vacate the premises on time: $50 per every 30 minutes of overtime.
      • Events continuing past the closing time: $300
      • Loss of TV/Audiovisual Remotes: $100
      • Loss of Building Key: $75 per key
      • Failure to Lock Doors: $200 (loss of the damage deposit).
      • Glitter, confetti, and any hard-to-clean materials will result in a $250 Cleaning Fee plus loss of the damage deposit.
      • Excessive garbage is defined as more than two 55-gallon bags included in your rental: $25/bag (you may haul away excessive garbage offsite to avoid this fee; leaving behind boxes and extra catering trays will be assessed this fee if not removed. Your caterer, if hired, must remove trash off-site as we do not charge caterer’s fees to keep our rates reasonable and accessible. Garbage Rules).
      • General Damage and Wall Repair: Varies on a case-by-case basis.

      Event insurance is strongly suggested for your protection and peace of mind, especially when hosting larger events. When renting our facility, you are assuming full liability for any loss, damages or injury. Most policies cost less than $150, which will always be less than any costs associated with potential accidents, damages or injuries. This is standard practice across venues to protect hosts and their guests. While we don’t require event insurance, we STRONGLY encourage it, especially if alcohol is being served. Our venue is listed on Event Helper and on Vensura as reputable partners in the industry, with all of our venue information and requirements pre-filled to save you time. Event Helper and Vensura will also send the Certificate of Insurance (COI) to us on your behalf after the policy is purchased. If you decide to use another policy, that is an option, too! Please provide the COI upon request and make sure our venue is named as additionally-insured.

      What is the cancellation policy?

      All our booking is done online and payment is required to confirm your rental. Non-payment will result in the cancellation of your reservation request. You have 24 hours after payment to cancel your reservation for a refund less the credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.30).

      For cancellations beyond 24 hours, your rental fee is non-refundable because once a booking is finalized, the timeslot is no longer available to be rebooked. Your security deposit will be refunded, and if you signed up for a cleaning service, that fee will be refunded also. Reservations are final and may not be rescheduled.

      The Meeting Point does not offer refunds or cancellations due to inclement weather or illness. If extreme weather disrupts an event, the event can be rescheduled for the same duration as a one-time courtesy within twelve months.

      Cancellation Policy

      Set up & Cleanup

      How does setup work?

      When you reserve, you need to add on time for setup. No one is allowed in the building before the time of their reservation (i.e., the “check-in time”). You’re welcome to contact us to adjust the reservation time if extra time is needed. If the time slot is available, we’re happy to help.

      If you are hiring someone to decorate or cater, they can come in at the start of your reservation. Make sure you have enough time to move tables and chairs, add tablecloths and centerpieces if you’re using them. All time onsite is invoiced. 

      For business events, we have all the technology you need to show presentations, incorporate remote participants. There are plenty of outlets to keep your laptops and phones charged. Feel free to bring prepared snacks and refreshments.

      There is a refrigerator and a microwave in the kitchen, but no open flame cooking. Due to liability reasons and city permits, there is NO OVEN. Chafing dishes are fine to use or you may plug in a buffet warmer/crockpot to keep food warm.

      What about cleanup?

      You are responsible for leaving the space the same way you found it.

      If you choose to clean up yourself, please follow our clean-up checklist to avoid any deductions from your security deposit. We check the site after each event.

      If you prefer, we will provide a cleaning service at a base rate of $150. We reserve the right to vary the price for larger events but you’ll always know the price upfront.

      When you use the cleaning service, we ask that you move the furniture back to its original location. Thanks.

      What to do with the garbage?

      We provide two 55-gallon bags for your use that we will dispose for you. If you require more than that, there is a $25 charge for each extra bag. You’re welcome to bring extra bags if you think the event will exceed the allotted amount. 

      If you’re using a caterer, make sure they take their garbage with them when they leave the site to dispose at their own facilities. This allows you the benefit and flexibility to partner with any caterer you wish as we don’t charge catering fees, and you don’t have to meet any food or beverage minimums, keeping your event more affordable! Please check with your caterer to ensure they meet this requirement so you don’t get stuck paying for their trash.  

      Rules On Garbage

      What happens If something gets damaged?

      You are responsible for any breakage or damage to the space during your rental. When we inspect the building after your event, we document any damage and deduct repair costs from your security deposit.

      If the repair or replacement costs exceed the amount of your deposit, we will send an invoice for payment.

      We STRONGLY recommend event insurance in the event of damage, especially if alcohol is being served. Most damage will cost more than an event policy. In fact, most policies cost less than $150, which will always be less than any costs associated with potential accidents, damages or injuries. Our venue is listed on Event Helper and Vensura as reputable partners in the industry, which includes all of our venue information and requirements pre-filled to save you time. Event Helper and Vensura will also send the Certificate of Insurance (COI) to us on your behalf after the policy is purchased. If you decide to use another policy, that is an option, too! Please provide the COI upon request and name us as additionally-insured.

      Planning Your Event

      Is alcohol allowed?

      Yes, alcohol is allowed on the premises. You are responsible for guest consumption. Note: You cannot charge for alcoholic beverages unless you have a license to do so.

      We encourage you to take advantage of fully-licensed and insured bar services. Contact Kali at events@eculinaryinc.com to discuss your options. They don’t require minimums making it an affordable option for added peace of mind!

      There is always liability when serving alcohol – as noted in Item 8 of your rental agreement. The larger your party, the greater the risk. We highly recommend hiring a licensed service provider, especially if you have underage guests. Event insurance is strongly recommended (we are partnered with The Event Helper and Vensura), especially when serving alcohol and when hosting larger events. It’s a small price for your protection and your guest’s protection; in fact, most policies are less than $150, which will always cost less than damage or injury resulting from any accidents.

      Serving alcohol to anyone under 21 will result in the loss of your deposit and may be subject to additional fines.

      Is Day of Event insurance available?

      uYes. We strongly recommend it for all events – especially if you’re serving alcohol. It protects you from liability in the case of accidental or malicious damage that occurs during your rental.

      We are registered with with the insurance companies you can use:

      – Vensura

      – The Event Helper

      This will take you directly to an insurance offering for The Meeting Point where you can choose a policy to further protect you from liability. We’ve done the work up front to provide our information so that the process is easier and streamlined for you to save time when purchasing a policy. These providers will even provide the Certificate of Insurance on your behalf. 

      Can we cook in the kitchen?

      We’re sorry, no. You can bring food that’s been cooked in advance and make use of the refrigerator or convection microwave. NOTE: Due to liability, there is NO stove or oven as we have been approved for a caterer’s kitchen, and it allows us to provide you with more affordable venue rates. There is a convection microwave that heats to 425 degrees for your convenience. 

      There are plenty of outlets to plug in food warmers and slow-cookers as well. There is no open flame cooking or any frying allowed.

      You can also contact one of our recommended catering partners:

      Eclectic Culinary Concepts: Kali at events@eculinaryinc.com

      A’BriTin Catering – (612) 339-0222 or info@abritincatering.com

      Las Tortillas: Ryan at ryan@lastortillas.net

      NOTE: Food trucks and trailers are not allowed on the premises due to property liability reasons. All prepared food must be brought and served indoors. 

      If you need help, please contact us at themeetingpointmn@gmail.com

      What technology is included?

      We’ve designed the space with technology in mind and added extra outlets for charging your devices. Unlike other venues, audio/video is included in the base rental fee.

      Your rental includes:

      • Business-speed WiFi
      • Four TVs available with Apple TV, Chromecast (enabled on each TV or across all simultaneously)
      • Cable with Cable Remote
      • Sonos-enabled sound system with iPad controller
      • Matrix remote to control sources across TVs.
      • HDMI wall-jack is provided to project content from laptop or compatible devices to the TVs.
      • Apple TV or Chromecast may be cast to one or all TVs through your Apple or Chromecast-enabled device.

      Instructions for operating the system are located on the console table with the iPad near the back-wall exit door. Or you can download the pdf: Audio Video Instructions.

      How many guests does the space hold?

      The base rental rate can include up to 70 guests when booking online. Please watch the Virtual Tour and review the Floor Plan.

      Your rental included 9 six-foot tables, 48 chairs, high-top seating for 8, and a cozy lounge area with couches that accommodate seating for another 6-8 guests. If you want extra tables or chairs so everyone has a seat at a table,  we offer them for a flat $40 fee.

      We do allow larger events that seat up to 120 people, but we ask that you call or email us to discuss. There is an additional rental fee for events that exceed 70 guests and event insurance is strongly recommended. 

      651-252-1363 or
      Email Us

      Is there parking?

      Yes! Our lot offers free parking that is shared with two other business tenants. We recommend carpooling for larger events. We expect our renters to respect the spaces allotted to our neighbors and their customers (especially on busier weekends). Please see the diagram here for more options. 

      Please do not block the parking spots in front of the businesses next door out of courtesy for their guests. Utilize the park-and-ride only a couple minutes away for guests to easily carpool from in downtown Rosemount (search “Rosemount Park-and-Ride”). You can also designate a volunteer from your event to pick up guests from the carpool lot, hire a shuttle, or use a rideshare service such as Uber. 

      We appreciate if you park at the start of your reservation and empty the lot promptly at the close of your event.

      Can we get help with our event?

      Certainly! If you need some support, The Meeting Point offers a number of add-on services. We’re building a list of recommended vendors too, who can help with your event.

      Tell us what you need and contact us for pricing!

      NEW: Do you require insurance?

      For events exceeding 70 guests, event insurance is strongly recommended for your protection and peace of mind. When renting our facility, you are assuming FULL liability for any loss, damages, or injury. Most policies cost less than $150, which will always be much less than any costs associated with potential accidents, damages, or injuries.

      This is standard practice across venues to protect hosts and their guests. While we don’t require event insurance for events, we STRONGLY encourage it, especially if alcohol is being served.

      Our venue is listed on Event Helper and on Vensura, as reputable partners in the event industry.  All of our venue information and requirements are included and pre-filled to save you time. They will also send the Certificate of Insurance (COI) to us on your behalf after the policy is purchased.

      If you decide to use a different policy, that’s great! Just please provide the COI upon request and make sure we are added as additionally insured.


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